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WHYC Evaluation

Our recent independent, external evaluation concluded 
"The governance of  WHYC, in terms of addressing challenges, prioritising, and
contingency planning is purposeful, well integrated across all levels, focused and
The club’s policies and practices in relation to safeguarding are above reproach. Club
members feel safe because safeguarding is not a paper policy. It is a practice
embedded in the club’s rules, continuing communication with families, links with local
schools, and good relations with the police, and with many others.
The club’s many successes can be explained in terms of the professionalism of its staff,
the way in which favourable conditions for learning are created, and the fact that the
club operates as a fully integrated joint enterprise. Through all aspects of the club, its
governance, safeguarding, and the quality of the club’s provision, the common purpose
is apparent and is a major factor accounting for the club’s success. “


Serving young people in London since 1888.

 Westminster House Youth Club

Westminster House Youth Club is a charity based in Nunhead, South East London. It provides purposeful activities, both recreational and educational for young people aged 8-18. The local area is beset by a range of inner city problems, e.g. drugs, gang violence, poor educational opportunities, etc. The Club aims to support young people to make positive life choices.


Making A Difference
We offer accreditation, including the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, First Aid, Fire Safety, Food Safety, Trampoline Awards, Table Tennis awards and much more...


Youth Club

Providing positive activities for young people aged 8 - 18

Opening times

Monday 6-9pm

Wednesday 6-9pm

Friday 6-9.30pm


Junior Club

Aged 8 - 10
Thursdays 6-7pm


LEAP Homework Club

Offering homework support to children and young people aged 8+
Opening Times
Monday to Friday 3.30 - 6pm


Contact Westminster House Youth Club

Get in touch with Westminster House Youth Club to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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