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About Us

Westminster House Youth Club

Registered Charity Number 1076531, is  one of the oldest youth clubs in the country.  From the very early days in of the Boys Club in Napier Hall to the modern Youth Club we operate today, the Club has always worked with young people amongst the most deprived and disadvantaged in the country.

To find out more about the Club please watch the following film made by Antonio Ribeiro:

We are incredibly grateful to our funders, but , in common with many charities we are facing tough times in the coming years.  We are keen to increase individual and corporate support.
If you want to support us the following information may be useful for you:
£300 year buys a place on Fire Safety, First Aid, Basic Food Hygiene and Conflict Management courses for 1 young person 
£400 a year buys a place on sports courses including fencing, snow sports and table tennis umpire for 1 young person
£600 a year buys equipment, tuition and expedition for 1 young person to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award 
£1,000 a year buys a place for a young person for a year taking part in youth club 3 nights a week, after schools 5 nights a week, accreditation, holiday provision in summer and half term breaks and residential trips.

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